BCSPL announces Intake Festival schedule and host club

Vancouver, BC - July 20, 2018

The EA SPORTS BC Soccer Premier League is pleased to announce the host club for the 2018 BCSPL Intake Festival, along with the weekend's full schedule.

Taking place on the September 8/9 opening weekend of play, Surrey United SC will host all games at Cloverdale Athletic Park in Surrey.  This exciting event is a kick off to BCSPL action for approximately 275 players, acting as their introduction to high performance full sided play in the BCSPL.  For 2018, these are the 2006 born male and female players that have earned spots on the 8 BCSPL intake teams throughout the province.
Each team will play 2 games per day that are 50 minutes in length.  Surrey United SC will also use this as a referee development opportunity, scheduling officials from within their club for these game opportunities.

Jennifer Hobson, GM of the BCSPL program for Surrey United, commented, "SUSC is excited to be hosting this year’s BCSPL Intake Festival. It is a great opportunity for these young players to kick off their first BCSPL season in a fun jamboree style and we are looking forward to hosting the visiting teams at Cloverdale Athletic".

Mountain United hosted the 2017 Intake Festival in North Vancouver, with previous years taking place in Victoria (VIW - 2016), Kelowna (TOFC - 2015), Vancouver (FFC - 2014) and Surrey (CFC - 2013).   


Saturday, September 8 - GIRLS

12:00pm - Surrey United SC vs Fusion FC (field 5)
1:00pm - Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC vs Mountain United FC (field 5)
2:00pm - Vancouver Island Wave vs Thompson Okanagan FC (field 4)
2:00pm - Fraser Valley Premier vs Coastal FC (turf 3)
3:00pm - Mountain United FC vs Surrey United FC (field 5)
4:00pm - Thompson Okanagan FC vs Coastal FC (field 5)
4:00pm - Fusion FC vs Fraser Valley Premier (turf 3)
5:00pm - Vancouver Island Wave vs Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC (field 4)

Saturday, September 8 - BOYS

12:00pm - Coastal FC vs Fraser Valley Premier (field 4)
1:00pm - Fusion FC vs Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC (field 4)
2:00pm - Vancouver Island Wave vs Thompson Okanagan FC (field 5)
3:00pm - Mountain United FC vs Fusion FC (field 4)
3:00pm - Coastal FC vs Surrey United SC (turf 3)
4:00pm - Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC vs Thompson Okanagan FC (field 4)
5:00pm - Surrey United SC vs Mountain United FC (field 5)
5:00pm - Fraser Valley Premier vs Vancouver Island Wave (turf 3)

Sunday, September 9 - GIRLS

9:00am - Fusion FC vs Vancouver Island Wave (field 4)
10:00am - Thompson Okanagan FC vs Mountain United FC (field 4)
11:00am - Vancouver Island Wave vs Coastal FC (field 5)
12:00pm - Thompson Okanagan FC vs Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC (field 5)
1:00pm - Surrey United SC vs Fraser Valley Premier (field 4)
2:00pm - Coastal FC vs Fusion FC (field 5)
3:00pm - Mountain United FC vs Fraser Valley Premier (field 5)
4:00pm - Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC vs Surrey United SC (field 4)

Sunday, September 9 - BOYS

9:00am - Vancouver Island Wave vs Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC (field 5)
10:00am - Thompson Okanagan FC vs Mountain United FC (field 5)
11:00am - Fusion FC vs Vancouver Island Wave (field 4)
12:00pm - Thompson Okanagan FC vs Surrey United SC (field 4)
1:00pm - Mountain United FC vs Coastal FC (field 5)
2:00pm - Fraser Valley Premier vs Surrey United SC (field 4)
3:00pm - Coastal FC vs Fusion FC (field 4)
4:00pm - Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC vs Fraser Valley Premier (field 5)